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1 Cup Every 4 Hours, And You’ll Get Rid Of Fat Painlessly

Oat bran is one of the elements of a healthy diet. But this mixture of unsorted flour and grain is useful in the process of weight loss? First, with regular use, even in small quantities, improve the peristalsis of the intestines. Secondly, they activate purification processes by removing toxins and waste. Thirdly, they saturate and therefore, after eating, you feel better for a long time

After 2-3 weeks you can see the results of the changes: the most problematic skin becomes fresh and healthy and weight loss is painless. By taking a very active role in the metabolism of fat and carbohydrates, oat bran helps to alleviate chronic fatigue.

The key to success

Do not use them immediately in large quantities on the first day of weight loss. In the first week, it’s enough to take one teaspoon three times a day, about 20 minutes before meals. Soak the oat bran every time with a glass of pure water, natural juice, yogurt or herbal infusion. Gradually, the volume should be increased to 3 tablespoons a day.

Later you can arrange the day of consuming only oat bran. But only when the body is accustomed to their regular adoption.

Oat bran + yogurt = strict mode

Follow this strict diet.

Crush out bran in a mixer and pour 1 teaspoon of low-calorie yogurt. Use every four hours. Last acceptance of such drinks should be no later than three hours before bedtime. Prolong for three days, while maintaining a low calorie but balanced diet. This will allow you to remove up to 8 lbs.

Before using oatmeal, make sure you do not have any major contraindications: gastritis, colitis, ulcerative lesions or acute forms of cholecystitis, hepatitis.

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