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The Simplest Rejuvenation Method: These exercises return the grace and symmetry of the female body

Have you ever thought, that aging is largely due to the fact, that we cease to move enough, where our body loses its natural grace and symmetry

This exercise complex is one of the easiest rejuvenation methods. It is based on the healing of the muscles around the spine and neck. This allows you to eliminate complaints such as scoliosis, kyphosis and osteochondrosis.

A healthy spine brings relief to many diseases of the internal organs. A distinctive feature of this complex is that exercises are not important in themselves, but in aggregate: they must be performed more often (and with longer pauses) in the direction in which it is uncomfortable or painful. Prolonged static stretching in tensioned joints leads to strengthening the tendons of the muscles and their connections to the bones, the skeletal waist is tight and aligned. As a result, the even flow of energy in the body creates a rejuvenating, healing effect.

The complex of exercises to equalize muscle strength

First exercise: “Swing back”

упражнения за гръбнак

The exercise is performed on the back with retention at the end of the reversed posture.

Exercise 2: “The Cat”

котешки гръб

Dynamic lifting and bending of the back with fixation in the end positions. Stay longer in the worst situation.

Third exercise: “The cat chasing its tail”

упражнения за гъвкавост

With the knee support we rotate on one side and the other (the legs stretch to the head), with the fixation in the awkward direction.

The Fourth Exercise: “Seal”

упражнение тюлен

From the support of your hands touch the floor with the right side of the body, then with the left, with a longer fixation in the awkward posture. Elderly people can do this exercise from a kneeling position.

Fifth exercise: Pushup

упражнения за здрав гръб

Push-ups with leg raise, by pressing the floor of the chest and chin. Elderly people make this exercise from a kneeling position.

Sixth Exercise:

разтягане на тялото

From the kneeling position, sit on the left and right of the body by moving your arms in the opposite direction. Fix the posture in the initial lift stage.

Seventh Exercise: Bridge


The bridge with the support of the toes and the blades. Fixing in the maximum lifting phase.

Eighth Exercise:

упражнения за гъвкавост

Hanging the body on your stomach with your hands, holding the ankles of the legs.

Exercise 9: Tightening from a lying position.

упражнения за разтягане и гръб

Touch the floor with the right side of the body, then the left with a longer fix to the awkward side.

Exercise 10: “Sitting With Twisting”

разтягане за здрав гръб

With the right leg, passed on the left of the sitting posture, put on the outside of the left hand, ie we cross it. With exhalation turn back with the support of the right hand, ie. we twist. Fixed longer in the awkward position

Exercise 11: “Boat”

упражнение лодка

From a lying position on the floor, we simultaneously lift the legs and the torso.

General recommendations:

Breathing during fixations is superficial in order not to interfere with the technique of exercise,

Therapeutic pause during fixation – from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

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