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The First 7-Day Medical Diet, Which Is Applied For Emergency Weight Loss Before Surgery

This can definitely be one of the most effective diets for fast and healthy weight loss. The fact is that it was invented by doctors, which in itself says it is very useful

This diet has many alternative names: Soup Diet, Cleveland Clinic Diet…. It compares with cabbage diet, but it is interesting that such a diet is chosen for people with heart problems due to being overweight. For seven days before surgery, they are forced to follow this diet. Yes, in this short period, some people lose up to 20 pounds and achieve very well significant results.

The menu of the medical diet is based on low-calorie soup, vegetables and fruits in the right quantities. By consuming the right products for seven days it is possible not only to initiate cleaning the body of toxins, but also to get rid of unnecessary stress. By the way, this method of weight loss is also suitable for people with a healthy heart.

7 day diet plan
Monday: serving soup (for which we have prepared a recipe at the bottom) twice a day, all fruits (except bananas) at breakfast.

Tuesday: serving soup twice a day, fresh vegetables, except peas, beans and corn. You can not eat fruit during the day.

Wednesday: a portion of soup twice a day, all fruits and fresh vegetables.

Thursday: Serving soup twice a day, 3 bananas per day and unlimited milk.

Friday: serving soup twice a day, 100 grams ( 3.5 oz) of boiled beef with tomatoes.

Saturday: a portion of soup twice a day, a steak with green vegetables.

Sunday three portions of soup, brown rice, green vegetables.

What can you drink during the day? A small amount of fresh juices, herbal tea and coffee without sweeteners, and plenty of water are allowed.

How To Prepare Your Diet Soup

350 g (12 oz.)of tomato paste
1 tomato
half of onion
2 liters of beef broth
1 stalk of celery
300 grams (10 oz.) of frozen peas
1 green pepper ( Bell peppers)
5 cloves of garlic
salt, pepper, “herbes de Provence” for taste

Cut the tomatoes, bell pepper and onions.

Fill the pan with water and cook for 20 minutes. Then drain and fill with vegetable broth.
Add all spices. Wait until the liquid is boiling and remove from the heat.

Gastrointestinal and easy to prepare, it can not only become a part of your heart disease diet, but also add to the list of favorite soup.

It is possible to stick to such a diet for no more than 7 days, because such food for the heart has its disadvantages: the body is not equipped with all the necessary minerals and vitamins. Therefore, follow a diet no more than a week, then just go to the right diet. Are you ready to start? Save the article in your bookmarks.


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