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Pain, Dizziness and Migraine are the past – It’s so easy and everyone can!

Cervical Osteoarthritis (Spondylosis) – a very dangerous illness that occurs with back pain, frequent migraines, vertigo, eye flies, hearing disturbance, even coordination of movements.

Fortunately, all these symptoms can be prevented if a very simple and enjoyable prevention is done in time. Namely, light cervical spine exercises that will not only help prevent the disease and maintain your health, but also improve performance, concentration and memory, and will simply relieve you of tension in the muscles.

Exercise for the neck against degenerative disc disease:
1. Lower your chin to the neck and slowly turn the head first 5 times to the right and then 5 times to the left.
2. Slightly raised chin and turn your head right 5 times, then 5 times left.

3. Tilt your head to the right by trying to touch your shoulder with your ear. Repeat 5 times on each side.
4. Keep your chin upright, and with your hands on the back of your head and push forwards 3 times in 7 seconds.
5. Bend your forehead and tighten your neck muscles.

Repeat the exercise 3 times in 7 seconds.
– Straining the neck muscles, press the left temple with the left hand (3 x 7 seconds). Now the right temple – with the right hand (3 x 7 seconds).

– Keep your head upright. By overcoming the resistance of strained muscles on the neck, try pressing your chin to the jugular well. Then lift your head, trying to raise your chin as high as possible.
– Put your hands under the chin. Press your chin to your hands and hold 3 times for 7 seconds.

Do not hold your breath during the exercises, breathe smoothly and calmly. Do not override. If you feel pain – stop the exercises or wait for the tension to pass.

After the first few procedures you will feel relieved – make an investment in your health right now!

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