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Only 3% of People Own It: Here’s How Great It Is To Have “X” On Your Palm

Even if you do not believe too much of the fortune-tellers who “read” our destiny on the lines of the hand, you may still have looked at the symbols that these lines are forming. Many of us have a letter “M” on their palms and we have repeatedly written, what it means.

It turns out, however, that another symbol is rarely found by only 3% of people in the world, and it shows really interesting things. It’s about the letter X on the palm.

Where does the symbol come from?

Fortune-tellers use different methods to predict the future. One is the so-called. chiromancy, i.e reading the palm.

Chromathy is an ancient art. The palm lines can tell a lot about man – from his biography to his career and even his love life.

History of Chromantism.

Alexander the Great also loved chiomancy. This area of knowledge had so much interest in him that he even interpreted the lines of his own palms.

It is believed that this method of forecasting was first invented in India by Maharishi Valmiki for the first time. He wrote a book on Chromomania, which then spread all over the world.

The secret of the majesty of Alexander.

Alexander coordinated all his plans and actions with the lines of his palms. According to the legend, no one else had such lines and curves as he did, although it was not possible to check that.

But the most awesome sign on the palm is the letter X.

They say Alexander’s palm had a letter of X

It is also said that such a characteristic pattern is found only in 3% of the world’s population.


The Moscow JTI Institute conducted a study of the mysterious letter X and its influence on the fate of man.

Having studied many such cases, the researchers concluded that the X is on the hands of leaders with unique qualities that make them the exception among the majority.

Famous owners of the letter X.

Among the bearers of the letter X are such persons as the Greek Emperor Alexander the Great, US President Abraham Lincoln and even Stalin.

Intellectual superiority.

People with the letter X are believed to be the most intelligent, have an extraordinary mind, unparalleled leadership, and a wealth of knowledge. They know how to forgive, but they never forget anything.

Power and authority.

Usually these people get a lot of power in their hands. They are always happy and can adapt to any circumstances. Generally, they are unique!

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