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Your Child Do Not Drink Enough Water? Try With Lemonade….

If your child does not drink enough water, as is the case with half of children – try other ways of increasing their consumption of fluids, such as lemonade.

Even half of children between the ages of six and 19 do not drink enough water, the study of American scientists confirmed. Dehydration has a negative effect on health and can cause further health problems.

If your child does not drink enough water, try to include lemonade in his diet. Lemonade is an ideal combination of a great lemon flavor and water. More lemons and sugars will give more flavor, which you can determine according to the taste of your child.

According to the aforementioned study, 54 percent of children show signs of dehydration. Even a quarter of children said they do not drink water at all, among them more boys than girls.

It has also been established that children only receive 21 percent of daily water needs from food, ie fruits and vegetables, water-rich foods in their composition.

Why is it important?
Sufficient water in the body is the key to our body’s functioning. Specifically, if we are not hydrated enough it can affect our circulation, body temperature and secretion.

The consequences for health can be expressed in headaches, decreased concentration and irritability.

Water should not be ignored even when it comes to cognitive functions, ie memory, intelligence, maturity….and the like.

Experts’ tips
The American Medical Institute advises that healthy children of four to eight years of age should drink 7.5 glasses of water daily. Children aged nine to eight need ten glasses of water, and children 14 years of age should drink 14 glasses of water a day.

Parents, remember – hydration in children is extremely important. Let your children always have a bottle of water with them, as well as after each meal reach for the glass of water.

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