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The Facts You Must Know About Pain Reliefs

Chronic pain can ruin life. Affects both the physical and on the mental condition. It can also affect relationships with colleagues, children, and partners.

According to reports from the Medical University of Harvard, the most common reason for visiting a doctor is seeking painkillers.

Learn what to do.

Do not make the diagnosis yourself

Check out what exactly causes pain because every drug fighting specific diseases.So do not shrug your shoulders and think that it was a stretched muscle. Pain can be caused by a damaged nerve or it can be a bit more serious – blind or a stroke. Laura Feris, a pharmacist from the University of Pittsburgh, warns: “Go to a doctor if the pain appears suddenly and you have not felt it before. That kind of pain must be checked. ”

Do not wait but search help

If you feel the pain increases, seek medical help. “Do not let the pain escalate. The sooner you go with the treatment, the easier you will keep the disease under control, “advises anesthesiologist Edna Ma.

Take non-prescription pain medications

Take good care of the ingredients and make sure you do not exceed the recommended dose because this can have serious consequences. Dr. Trey D. Bal warns: “I have often encountered cases of people suffering from chronic or severe pain taking too much pain medication. This is because people combine more medicines, so the intake of dangerous ingredients is increased. Some patients also have lower tolerance to certain components of pain medications, depending on their age, weight and history of the disease, or whether they have a liver or kidney problem. If you overlook this and do not advise with the doctor, you may be overtaken, with serious consequences, even death. ”

Take medication for other

If you think it’s a good idea to take a cure for a friend, think again. First of all, giving someone a drug that goes by prescription only and is not prescribed to him, is actually a violation of the law. The endocrinologist Josef Pinzone of UCLA also warns: “It is of great importance that the medicines you take do not react with each other. Dr. Pinzone says that doctors have to warn you of all the medicines you use to overwrite a medicine that is not in contradiction to those you are already taking.

Consult with a specialist who deals with controlling pain

Great progress has been made in recent years in this area, so there are also doctors specializing in pain control. If your pain does not stop and starts to make you unfit, consult with a specialist because there may be some other solution.

Seek emotional support

Pain control may be stressful. You can seek help from a psychologist or psychiatrist to help you master the skills that will reduce the stress that causes pain. Reducing stress will reduce the pain. In some cases, physical therapy can also be tried.

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